Become a town politician. Create and vote on laws for the masses, enforce user-created laws as a Guard, manage public spending as a scribe, rule over court cases as a Judge or jury member or control and change the system of Government as a King. Transform your government into a Dictatorship, Democracy, Republic or Monarchy as you aid or control your citizens and officials.

Worship (To a Healthy Level!) an in-game God or Goddess while roleplaying through your selected Religion. Become a Worshipper, Acolyte, Priest or High Priest as you hold mass, set religion rules and doctrine and guide your devoted to enlightenmend or destruction. Order the construction of temples or demolish the old.

Purchase, zone and construct your own in-game store or business. Create and sell products to the eager consumer and reap the rewards of a successful business. Hire other players as employees to mine, forage or forge your products or become a bandit and aim to tear the operations apart.

In a game set in full PVP you must always be wary. Players are encouraged to create laws to outlaw murder and assault (PvP) within town and city territory, but the threat is real and constant. Outside of protected towns and territories is a free-for-all for the unwary. PvPing another player outside designated Arenas and Gladiator Pits is suggested only for those that wish to live on the run once a player knows who you are.

RvR, NvN
You joined your religion for a reason, you can see the path to enlightenment. Why must other religions shout blasphemous lies of divine enlightenment of their own? It is within the power of each Religion's High Priests to decide which religion to agree with and which is a faction not to tolerate. Conducting a crusade against another religion is carried out in the Divine Highlands, a place of sanctity and peace or death and war. One Nation cannot truly be the strongest unless it encompasses the globe. As King, set your sights on an enemy nation and declare war. In a ruthless game of capture the flag, capture land from your enemy nations to expand your nation, or send your troops to defend your final bastion from assault.

Every weary warrior needs a place to call home. In Drasil it is no different. Purchase or harvest the materials for and construct your own buildings anywhere there is available land. Inns, Businesses, Homes, Meeting Places, Guild Halls, Temples or Taverns. If you can think of a structure and a purpose, you can construct it. We'll leave how you use it to your imagination.

We dare you to find an NPC not in dire need of some help! Quest for experience, prestige or for a little extra coin. Completing quests will add to your Legend, a viewable portion of your character on Drasil's website that lists your greatest accomplishments or in some cases disastrous failures. Questing not only aids your character, but your community! Each player that completes a quest is remembered by the game. If Joe Farmer needs 10 Logs of Wood and ten players complete the quest, he now has 100 logs. Once an NPC gets enough materials, they may decide to build new structures in your town or sell new products.

Class and Party Based Combat
You decide what your character plays as. Weither it be the cliche slew of class choices or a mix of many. With enough training and questing, you can learn the spells and tricks of any class you desire by searching for and collecting the mysterious mana shards. With a fixed amount hidden in Drasil every six months, it's not a matter of how skilled but how quick. Join party's in your search for mana shards or to run dungeons and complete quests. Drasil will encompass many dungeons as it grows, who knows what may lurk at the bottom of each.

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