Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much does Drasil cost monthly?
A: Drasil will be Free-To-Play forever.


Q: What are the minimum requirements?
A: 600MHz IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® or equivilant
DirectX 8 compatible Graphics Card
Mouse and keyboard
100MB Hard Disk Space
Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista (In Compatibility Mode)

Q: Is there Multi-Language Support?
A: There is very, very basic support for other languages. While game messages and functions can be switched to other languages (German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Swedish) quest and NPC descriptions, instructions and text remain in Drasil's primary language; English.

Q: My account was hacked and I lost all my items! Help me out!
A: Account hacking is looked at in a per-case regularity. Drasil Staff will NEVER ask for your password! If someone asks for your password claiming to be Drasil, Knights of Ni or Website Staff take a screenshot and report them immediately. In-Game politics is not designed to handle Terms of Services breaches so please do not bother in-game officials with hacking related problems.

Q: Will Drasil work on my Mac, Linux, Solaris.. etc
A: Drasil is and will remain a Windows-Only game. While there are reports of Drasil working in Windows Emulators for Mac and Linux, we have no tested nor do we endorse running it in an emulator or virtual machine. A Wine package is being pursued in the future.

Q: I've been curious about how games are made. What language is Drasil programmed in?
A: Drasil is programmed in VisualBasic6 with DirectX8. It is powered by the vbGore engine and runs on a Quad-Core Windows server.

Q: When will [feature] be implemented?
A: Please check the programming changelog and schedule. We work continuously to bring you the best available content as fast as we can. Our staff are always working to serve Drasil, and you.


Q: What time period is Drasil set in?
A: Late Medieval to Early Industrial.

Q: Why should I donate to you or use the premium store?
A: With money available we are able to upgrade our hardware as well as hire freelancers to improve graphics or programming.

Q: Why is there a premium store? That's an unfair advantage!
A: Our premium store only offers cosmetics and vanity items. No stat-altering items are included. Players with more available money than others will not have an advantage in Drasil. Costumes, Wings and Strange Hats are among the things that you will find in the premium store, along with materials that do not adjust combat for players. Drasil is and will remain Free-To-Play.

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